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Tips and Advice for Branding Your Business in the Inbound Age 

inbound-marketing-graphic-1.pngJoin Inbound Marketing and branding expert Patrick Giammarco as he provides practical information and tips on how to brand your business in the Inbound Age.

Thursday, June 2, 2016 
11 am-12 pm EST

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Everything you know about brands and brand management in the real world holds true in the Inbound Age.

What’s different is that now your brand extends far beyond the tight world over which you have traditionally had control. Before, when a customer had a complaint only you, they, and perhaps their small circle of family and friends knew about it. Today, anyone with an Internet connection can find and internalize that complaint forever. 

How you brand your business is no longer just a matter of some creative and timely ad placements. In the Inbound Age, there are so many moving pieces to managing a brand - from your website, to your Facebook page, to your LinkedIn group, to whatever tomorrow brings - that you need to be more active, more vigilant and more knowledgeable that ever to establish a knockout brand.

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When people are willing to pay a premium for your goods and services even though they might be available elsewhere for less, you know your brand is working.

Patrick Giammarco
PWG Marketing