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7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success Report

7_Steps_to_Small_Business_Marketing_Success_Cover.jpgWritten by Duct Tape Marketing founder, John Jantsch, this 28-page report provides an overview of the Duct Tape Marketing System, as well as dozens of marketing ideas and tips.

In this report, you will find the seven core steps that make up the simple, effective and affordable approach to systematic marketing that were developed by working with small businesses for more than 20 years. 

The report provides a deep dive into the 7 steps of small business marketing success, which include: 

  • Strategy before Tactics
  • Embrace The Marketing Hourglass
  • Adopt a publishing model
  • Create a total web presence
  • Orchestrate the lead generation trio
  • Drive a lead conversion system
  • Live by the marketing calendar

Practiced effectively, marketing is simply a system.

John Jantsch
Duct Tape Marketing